Clear lake, Iowa Ragbrai
water show - Jet Ski,
Sky Ski
Typhoon Tommy’s water show will be July 27th 2010 at Clear Lake City Beach from 5:30-6:30 p.m. This water show features World
Class Freestyle moves and consists of top  professional Jet Ski freestyle competitors, Wakeboarding and Sky Ski Hydrofoil. Here is a
news release about the
Clear Lake Ragbrai event
Event location at Clear Lake City Park, Iowa. Below
is a picture from the waterfront park looking
outward. The water depth is between 6-8 feet about
50 feet from shore and about 10-12 feet deep past
125 feet. Here is a
local map of clear lake beach
Hydro-foil Sky skier Dustin Vasquez (above)
will be airing it out in Iowa. Typhoon tommy
(below) subbing the EME Q8 jet ski
Joe Eckert will be doing stunts like the  
barrel roll flip above at the Ragbrai special
Tuff Stand sponsored Mike Hoffman
below will be the main man with the
microphone at the July 27th RAGBRAI.