Extreme Adventure Hidalgo | jet ski freestyle video
Extreme adventure Hidalgo  |
Jet Ski Freestyle Show Extreme
This Typhoon Tommy Extreme Jet Ski show was performed in Zimapan, State of Hidalgo Mexico and we were part of a larger group of
exteme sports teams that crossed the state of Hidalgo by air, land and sea! We started our trip in Detroit, MI and drove south across
the border in Texas and then 15 hours into Mexico to meet at the location. Honestly we didn’t know what to think, but The Altius group
handled everything, then when we got to location we were truly amazed when we saw all the Televia TV staff and hospitality throughout
the days we were with the Altius group as part of the Extreme Adventure Hidalgo.  This was a much, much bigger event than we
thought it would be.

Here is the video from the 2008 Extreme Adventure Hidalgo in zimapan Mexico. Please allow video few seconds to load and
depending on your settings press the play button. I have also loaded our MySpace versions of the videos below.