Trailer Repair | Downriver Detroit in Lincoln Park, MI
Trailer leaf spring & suspension Repair in Downriver Detroit
Trailer Repair - Downriver Springs  
Downriver Spring Service Leaf Spring suspension repair in the Downriver Detroit Area
Trailer Repair | Lincoln Park in Downriver Detroit
Downriver Springs service can fix that broken or worn out leaf springs on your boat or jet ski trailer, repack trailer bearings
and fix any of those leaf spring brackets, spring shackles, spring bushings or do any welding needs you might need for your
boat, jet ski, Waverunner and utility trailer too.
We're suspension, alignment and braking specialist. Open Saturdays 8am-2pm - Monday-Friday 8-6

Downriver Spring Service in Lincoln Park, MI is a leaf spring and suspension specialist for your boat or jet ski trailer and
service for all vehicles, trailer and trucks. We've got special truck alignment bay and a blacksmith shop to build leaf spring
and do custom repairs. We can replace the shackle bracket or hanger

We can do just about anything give us a call. 313-928-4208
Trailer repair nightmare | Downriver  Detroit
Trailer Repair | Downriver Leaf Spring Service & Suspension
Lincoln Park | South of Detroit, MI
We can replace or upgrade the leaf springs on your
trailer. Most people overload their trailers, so trailer
leaf springs with additonal leafs can help. We've
replace any type of leaf spring, but most common
Slipper & open eye slipper leaf springs.
Regular eye to eye double eye leaf spring.
Most springs come 3, 4 and 5 leafs. Downriver
Spring service can add leafs as need.
Trailer Leaf Slipper Spring Repair
A sagging rear on your trailer? Downriver Spring Service can repair that trailer leaf spring
Downriver Spring Service is located  at 3377 Dix hwy
in Lincoln Park, which is located a few blocks south
of I-75 at exit 40 (Dix Hwy). Our location is located
just south of Detroit, near the Lincoln Park Ice rink
and Meijer. We've repaired almost every type of
trailer, but many have different size leaf springs and
hardware, so it's best if we visual imspect your
trailer to get the right trailer parts.

We have many new trailer parts in stock and can
even rebuild some springs in our blacksmith shop.
Parts include leaf springs, leaf spring shackles &
Hangers, Spring eye bushings, u-bolts and
Downriver Leaf Spring Service & Trailer Suspension Repair | Lincoln Park, MI in South Detroit
Jet Ski Trailer suspesnion broke on the of road needs repair
Trailer Repair is important
Don't be stuck on the side of the road like the pictures to the right >

Your trailer is an important asset behind your vehicle that is towing
important items, like your boat, jet ski, snowmobile, four wheeler or
business items. It is very important you have the proper suspension
parts holding the trailer to the road. We've repaired so many
problems caused to overloading a trailer past the suspension
capicity. Downriver Spring Service can beef up or repair your trailer to
the rated weight you need to haul the cargo you require.
Trailer needs repair to suspension