Brand Sponsorship Marketing
Brand sponsorship marketing
Jet Ski freestyle tour  
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WFWA Freestyle Team
Riverview, MI
Sport: Watercraft
Brand Sponsorship
Your brand name and message is embedded directly into the action of
all shows and competitions during the 2015 season. We have been
doing summer competition shows and events for the past 9 years with a
average of 8 events per summer in front of large crowds and media.
  • Your Brand and logo on custom freestyle Jet Ski ‘s become highly visible at
    the events we attend.  Your brand is captured in many photos by fans.
  • Public address announcements at these event further activate your brand.
  • Value added: Media at events (TV, Radio, Newspaper), Videos post on
    YouTube,  logo on post event awards, and web site credits.
  • Your Brands logo and message  on posters that we autograph and give
    away to our fans at our interactive booth with on-site signage (banners).
  • Links to Your  website from our websites and  all social media outlets.
We communicate to the fans that because of your sponsorship they are viewing
events that would not otherwise visit their market and that this event is provided by
your brand or company. Our idea is to allow companies to deepen their relationship
with customers by providing an environment that matches their lifestyle.
Attendees to our events have told us that sponsorship of local events make them
feel more favorably about your company and would be more likely to purchase a
product made by the companies that
sponsor the event.

Sports sponsorship have been and are still a great way to reach a group of
passionate, loyal customers who have the potential to help a brand grow. Time after
time, it’s been proven that sports sponsorships yield positive results when
managed correctly.
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