Water shows with stock Sea-Doo
watercraft, Waverunners and jet ski
We have a couple other options for people wanting shows that have location where
getting equipment  is difficult or are just looking for something different . We have done
this at a few events to success and it saves shipping watercraft to and from location.
  • This one person show on  a Sea Doo watercraft can be done on its own or can
    be combined with water ski acts to make a full show.
  • Both the Sea Doo watercraft show and Hydrofoil acts can be done in less than
    perfect water conditions.
  • We can also use most stand-up watercraft, but  there is limitations to the tricks.
  • Contact  tommy@jetskishows.com

  1. We  can ride a stock  watercraft that is widely popular throughout the world
    including most of the Sea Doo SPX, XP, SP models with the best models being
    the 1996/97 Sea Doo XP and the 1997/98 SPX.

View the  videos of what can be done on these Sea Doo models, plus there is a recent
TV interview with  Hydrofoil performer Geno and some jet ski action on our Great Miami
River Days event.
seadoo sea doo freestyle show