Jet Ski Shows
Jet ski Shows
Jet Ski shows | freestyle JetSki teamwork at Riverfest Stunt ShowJet Ski Shows | Jetski freestyle stunt show crowds at regattas & festivalsJet Ski shows | Jetski backflip at XS weekend Konati Harbor, CA perfomed by Jared Ajlouny in Typhoon Tommy freestyle stunt show Jet Ski shows Stunt Show batman forever water stunt that Typhoon Tommy ManagedJet Ski Shows | pittsburgh Regatta huge crowds during the Typhoon Tommy Water Stunt ShowJet Ski Shows | Sky Ski freestyle at regatta festival by Rider Chip during the Typhoon Tommy Water Stunt ShowJet Ski shows | Bikini Jetski girls at XS weekend water festival during Typhoon Tommy WFWA water stunt show
Jet Ski shows
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Book an extreme water show, jet ski stunt show or WFWA jet ski competition national tour round to
create added value to your event and sponsors Contact  We promote
event sponsors within the action of our jet ski shows, water shows and  WFWA competitions. We
can provide a
single performer for a special event or film with our team of performers with vast live
show experience.

Our shows and events can fit a variety of formats from main event to live action  filler.  Jet Ski shows
can be arranged to fit into any type of itinerary and our choreographed routines are specialized to fit
each particular event we attend. Our  jet ski freestyle events will dazzle spectators with “on the
water” acrobatic displays as our synchronized freestyle  performers do freestyle tricks  both above
and below the surface of the water such as; Flips, Monkey jumps, submarines, 180’s, barrel rolls,
360’s, Fire hose fountains of water,  technical figure skating type tricks, etc..

Between heat entertainment or side act is our specialty and our eXtreme nature draws a younger
"X" generation fan base to APBA hydroplane,  offshore boat races, & air shows. Our shows are
designed to create "added value" to festivals and events by offering "event sponsors" advertising
space on our freestyle Jet ski, boats and popular display area. We can also provide messages
over the PA system, while we announce our water stunt shows
Past Shows including:

>All Photos on this website are from shows and events Typhoon Tommy has
produced or performed in.

The jet ski show and water stunt team includes these talented performers from PWC
watercraft industry including;
* 8 time world freestyle champion
Eric Malone. via WFWA team
* "Typhoon"
Tommy Nuttall
* Hard working and multi-talented Mike Hoffman
* "Fly'in" Ryan Doberstein
* Jason Burns
* Jacob Burns
*Zane Nuttall
* Andrew Burry
* 2005 US AM National Champion Joe Eckert
Corey Gibson
* "Rambo" Rosie Nuttall
* Tom Timm
* Sammy Musleh
* Mike Widdes
*Brian Sizemore
* Darin "X-h20" Jett
* Jeff Marsh
* Jimmy Sweeney
* Hunter Veeneman
* "Custom" Ken Balough
* Newly Crowned APBA AM National Champion
Chad Cummings
* Super talented Dan "High Roller" Stein
* Damon Moore - World Champion Hydrofoil Sky skier
* Chip Reihl - World Class hydrofoil Sky Skier
* Please contact us if you are not on this page. More pictures and info on
water stunt team
members here.

Typhoon Tommy Entertainment . *Please contact Jet Ski shows or the  WFWA   by clicking  the
e-mail Contact form above, or directly  at  or call "Typhoon" Tommy
Nuttall at 734-652-1481.

Our Jet Ski Shows combine the top talented Jet Ski show stunt performers in the world that is
combined with Typhoon Tommy's successful background in performing and producing the best
value shows available.

Typhoon Tommy at Jet Ski Freestyle Shows
jet ski shows
Jet Ski Shows | team
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and Event Format