Jet Ski freestyle hull | EME Q8
Jet Ski freestyle hull | EME
EME Q8 Jet Ski freestyle hulls are light and strong. EME has added a design to the bottom of hull to create a large set-up wake
to use in flat water freestyle. These Q8 hulls below provide a stable environment, while at the same time allowing the rider to
do quick turns and jumps. The Q8 hull has been show and competition tested in all water conditions by us over the last two
summer seasons and still looks brand new after riding it in many shows. The Q8 is very easy to barrel roll with very limited
modifications and is great for "old school" tricks. The Q8 is easy to tailstand, riding backward, handstands, and is the easiest
ski to submarine I have ever ridden. Rambo Rosie raced the Q8 at the Grindco indooor watercross event  last year and this did
prove the Q8 is a great carving ski when needed.

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Jet Ski hull EME Q8